Water & Sanitation

Water Crisis in Punjab

The land of five rivers has a major problem. The water of Punjab is either polluted or insufficient for agriculture. NASA, in its report, stated that “beneath the earth surface level, water has been disappearing in the Northern part of India, especially states like Punjab and Haryana and if the phenomenon persisted it could lead to the collapse of agriculture in the region.” These warnings from NASA indicated that Delhi will soon have shortage of drinking water and Punjab will not have enough water for agriculture.

Ground water of Punjab is also continuously declining, which makes the farmers dig deeper to pump to get the water. Presence of deadly nitrates is increasing which is caused by excessive use of insecticides and pesticides by the farmers. According to PGI high levels of nitrate and heavy metals in water are causing serious health problems including gene mutation. Cancer has also increased in many regions which is also being linked to contaminated water.

Sikhi Awareness Foundation provides water filters to underprivileged families. These families live below the poverty line and barely make ends meet. Water filters have shown to decrease the contamination and reduce many diseases related to water toxicity.