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November 12, 2010     Mansa, Punjab

Sukhmandeep Singh is an orphan who lives with his sister, Grandfather and Chacha (uncle) in the Mansa District of Punjab. He hopes to one day become a police officer, but right now his favorite thing to do is play at the park. His father passed away in 2013 from Tuberculosis, and unfortunately, his mother left the children to get remarried and move on with her life. Sukhmandeep’s grandfather owned a tiny home, which was not big enough to house his family, so he had to rent it out for a measly income of 400 rupees a month.

You can help Sukhmandeep Singh’s grandfather, by sponsoring him today. Should you choose to do so, we can ensure that Sukhmandeep Singh stays in school and continues to learn. Your monthly contribution will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for him or any member of his immediate family. Sponsor Sukhmandeep Singh and join SAF in the fight against poverty.

AGE: 7 | Class: 2nd | Designation: Orphan

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