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Pakhowal Area, Punjab     2005

Jasmanpreet Kaur lives with her uncle and his family in Ludhiana. Her father used to work as a labourer, but developed a problem with his spinal cord and became paralyzed from the waist down. He is completely bedridden and cannot take care of himself or his daughter. Jasmanpreet’s mother abandoned her and her father because of his condition, leaving Jasmanpreet without a mother. Since Jasmanpreet’s father cannot work or take care of her, his older brother has taken over raising her, but he has three children of his own and a family to support. Jasmanpreet’s uncle will no longer be able to afford to pay her tuition fees if he wants to send his own children to school as well.

If you sponsor Jasmanpreet today, we can make sure her father’s disability does not prevent his daughter from receiving the opportunities every child deserves in life. By supporting the education of young girls like Jasmanpreet, we can break the cycle of poverty and help them change the future of their families and communities. Every child has the potential and ability to change their futures as long as they receive a fair chance. Sponsor Jasmanpreet today and help her achieve a happier life.

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