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August 14, 2008     Tarn Taran, Punjab

Jashandeep Kaur is 9 years old and lives in the Tarn Taran district of Punjab. She loves the colour red and enjoys going to school. So much so, that she hopes to be a teacher when she grows up. When her sister was only 2 months old, she suffered through a mental illness that lasted almost 3 years.  She overcame this illness and is back to being completely healthy.  Her father only owns a small piece of land which he uses to grow crops in order to feed his cows.  He has leased an acre of land as an investment and that is enough to provide an income of roughly 3200 rupees per month for his family.

Every child deserves to go to school. Jashandeep should not have to worry about not being able to go to school so that her father can afford to keep food on the table. Like any other child, she deserves the opportunity to reach her dreams, and you can help make that happen. Should you choose to sponsor Jashandeep Kaur, we can make sure that he has a successful future ahead of her, by providing an education for her. Your monthly contribution will cover her tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for her or any member of her immediate family. Sponsor Jashandeep Kaur and join SAF Canada in the fight against poverty.

AGE: 9 | GRADE: 4th

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