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July 13, 2007     Amritsar, Punjab

Jarmanpreet Singh lives with only his mother and Grandma in the Amritsar District. He hopes to someday work at the Golden Temple, which is his favorite place to visit. His mother works hard to provide for her son but life has not been easy for her. She was forced to leave her husband who continued to spend all their income on supporting his severe drug addiction. Despite barely scraping by, Jarmanpreet’s mother keeps him in school. Currently, it's become increasingly difficult for Jarmanpreeet’s Mother to provide for her family. India’s societal constructs are not kind to single mothers and it is common for families like Jarmanpreet’s to end up on the streets.

With your support, we can begin to dismantle the systems of inequality in India that force families like Jarmanpreet’s into poverty. Through education, SAF Canada believes we can empower youth to create change in their communities ending the cycle of poverty. If you sponsor Jarmanpreet Singh today, we can ensure he stays in school.

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