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20 November 2002     Amritsar, Punjab

Jagroop Singh lives with his mother and siblings in the Amritsar district of Punjab. Jagroop’s father was a factory worker, but he died in a tragic work accident, leaving Jagroop’s mother completely alone, to raise her 3 young children. The factory owner provides the family with a 3,000 rupee monthly compensation for their loss, but that’s only $60 CAD. Jagroop’s family is in desperate need of help.

Women in India are extremely vulnerable due to social bias, which prevents women’s access to job skills training, basic education, decent living conditions, and health care (for themselves and their children) which perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Single Mother Households, like Jagroop’s family, are especially at risk for poverty. In these cases, educating young children like Jagroop is very important as it protects them from exploitation such as child labour. Lifting women and children out of poverty is a key step to ending poverty worldwide as they are the ones who constitute a majority of the world’s poor. Sponsor Jagroop today and join SAF CANADA in the fight against poverty.

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