House for the Homeless Mata Paramjit Kaur

House for the Homeless Paramjit Kaur

Parmjit Kaur lost her husband in a truck driving accident in 2009. Her husband had mortgaged their house in order to buy the truck and establish a source of income. Tragically, while on the road, in a region very far from Punjab, he was passed away in an accident and the truck itself was never recovered.

Widowed and homeless, Parmjit returned to her father’s house with her two daughters. Both of her daughters, however, were eventually married off by Parmjit’s relatives because there was no way for her to support or even feed them. Parmjit was also kicked out of her father’s house by her brother and given a tiny piece of land to live on. The property has a tiny, dilapidated single-room house that Parmjit is currently living in. The house is in terrible condition with no kitchen, running water, or toilet.

SAF started rebuilding Parmjit’s home on August 28, 2016. This case will be our 9th house repair/building project. We will be building her a kitchen and washroom from scratch in addition to repairing the structure of the house. The repairs should be complete by mid-October and the estimated cost of construction is $3000 CAD. Before beginning construction, however, SAF ensured that the piece of land the house stands on was legally transferred onto Parmjit’s name. Women in India generally do not inherit land, which adds to the disproportionate amount of females who suffer from poverty in comparison to men.

Your donations and continued support have made projects like this possible. Thanks to your generosity, Parmjit will have a decent place to live and will not have to worry about being kicked out her home again.

Please continue to donate and support SAF so we can continue doing projects and helping individuals like Parmjit.



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