House for a Homeless Gursikh family

Dilbag Singh and his family are living in a single room without a proper kitchen, toilet, or place to sleep. Dilbag, his wife, and four children are forced to live in this tiny and dilapidated single room house where there would not be enough room for even one person, let along six. Their living conditions are very poor, but they have nowhere else to go.

Dilbag and his family moved into this 8 square foot house after selling their own house to pay for his son’s medical treatment after he suffered a severe head injury. The medical expenses, nearly 325, 0000 INR, were a huge burden that forced the family into homelessness. Luckily, their village was able to provide them with a small piece of land and the single room house the family lives in now. This house, however, is not an adequate form of shelter for a family of six.

SAF is planning on rebuilding their home so they can, at the very least, have a kitchen and a washroom with a toilet. These should not be privileges restricted to only the wealthy members of society. Each and every single person has a right to live with dignity and the basic necessities of life.

Dilbag is a warm hearted person who only wishes to provide a safe place where his family can live happily. Your generous donations and continuing support is making this wish a reality. Together, we can continue to alleviate poverty in India and help people like Dilbag.


Construction on his house is almost complete now. We still haven't uploaded the latest pictures but will be uploading them soon.