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13 April 2008     Alwar, Rajasthan

Harpreet Singh lives with his mother in Rajasthan. Married off very young, Harpreet’s mother is just 25 years old, but she is already divorced and raising an eight year old son on her own. She does not have her own house so after Harpreet’s father left her, she returned to her parents’ house. Without any financial support from her ex-husband or his family, she works as a dishwasher, earning just 1000 rupees each month. Harpreet and his mom are also Sikligar Sikhs, a community with a rich history of polishing weapons and making swords for the Sikh Gurus in Punjab. Sikligar Sikhs are economically marginalized and many children are forced to quit school and work as labourers. Harpreet’s mom wants a better life for her only son, but she is barely able to provide for him. If you sponsor Harpreet today, you can stop the cycle of poverty and history of inequality Sikiligar Sikhs struggle against. Furthermore, educating young children like Harpreet is an important step towards ending poverty in India and preventing further victims of child marriages like Harpreet’s mother.

Grade: UKG | Age: 8

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