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December 16, 2008     Tarn Taran, Punjab

Harpreet Kaur is 9 years old and lives in the Tarn Taran district of Punjab with her family in a small 2 bedroom home.  Her favourite colour is pink and she loves to eat apples.  Harpreet dreams of becoming a teacher someday.  Her father is a school bus driver and earns about 3700 rupees per month.  He owns 2 cows and 1 acre of land that unfortunately stays wet, hence he is not able to make an income off of it, because the crops will not sustain due to the nature of the land.  He manages to grow only 1 crop per year from which he earns 27,000 rupees per year. 

Harpreet’s parents are afraid they will no longer be able to afford her tuition fees. Often times, when young girls like Harpreet are pulled out of school from an early age due to financial reasons, they are married off at an early age and become dependent on their husbands for the rest of their lives. Early marriages rob young girls of their potential to contribute to the development of their villages by becoming doctors, teachers, or army officers, which is the key to ending poverty and uplifting poor communities across India. If you sponsor Harpreet Kaur today, you can give her the opportunity to fulfill her dream and change the future of her entire community.

AGE: 9 | GRADE: 2nd

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