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September 12, 2010     Amritsar, Punjab

Harmanpreet Kaur is 7 years old and is from Amritsar, Punjab with her mother, grandparents, and older sister.  Her favourite colour is red and she loves to eat mango. Harmanpreet dreams of becoming a doctor someday.  Her father was a truck driver and used to bring in an income of 5000 rupees a month.  Unfortunately, he passed away in March of 2017 in a truck accident in Rajasthan.  Harmanpreet’s mother is a stay at home mom and already suffers from high blood pressure. They live in a small home with 2 bedrooms, and a storage room.  There is no kitchen, and they are currently surviving due to the generosity of their relatives.

If you sponsor Harmanpreet today, SAF CANADA can make sure her mother’s vulnerable situation does not affect her future. She will be able to continue her schooling and achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor. She will have access to all the opportunities every child deserves. Your monthly contribution will cover her tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and any medical issues for the child and her immediate family. Empowering women and young girls is a key step to ending poverty in India as they are the ones who constitute a majority of the world’s poor. Sponsor Harmanpreet today and join SAF CANADA in the fight against poverty.

Designation: Single Mother | Age: 7 | Grade: 1st

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