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27 July 2008     Gurdaspur, Punjab

Harmandeep Kaur lives with her family in Gurdaspur. Her fatherdrives a school bus and volunteers with SAF CANADA after school picking up and dropping off children for one of our Gurmat Academies. He only manages to earn 6000 rupees each month, but still he takes the time to serve his community by supporting SAF. He lives in his brother and sister-in-law’s house, both who have passed away, and looks after their son. Their family has no land and no other source of income. Harmandeep’s father is trying his best to look after his own children and his nephew, but his financial situation is becoming increasingly difficult.


If you sponsor Harmandeeptoday, SAF CANADA can make sure she continues to go to school despite the financial situation of her family. Her father has given so much to others, now it is our turn to help him. With a little help from you,children living in poverty can receive the opportunity to succeed in life. Sponsor Harmandeep today and give back to those in need.

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