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8 Feb 2006     Pakhowal, Punjab

Harjot Kaur is only ten years old, but she is an extremely bright and eager student. She is at the top of her class and has an 86% GPA. Sadly, her father passed away this April leaving Harjot, her mother, and her eight year old brother completely alone without any support. Their family has no source of income and each day is a struggle to stay alive. Each morning when Harjot wakes up, she does not know whether she will eat or stay hungry for the entire day. Her mother is unable to pay Harjot’s school fees and fears she will no longer be able to provide her daughter with an education. Sponsor Harjot today to make sure her family’s financial situation does not stop her from pursuing an education. Every child deserves a chance and every child has a right to grow up without the burden of poverty.

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