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February 08, 2007     Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Community Development Project: Pachori (Madhya Pradesh)

Hardeep is from a Sikligar community in Madhya Pradesh that has a very high dropout rate among the children. Most of the children attend a government school that does not charge any fees, but also provides a very low quality education. There is no accountability for teachers or students, and absenteeism is prevalent. As a result, by the time the children reach high school and are made to write exams, they usually fail and dropout of school for good. The boys find whatever work they can and the girls are usually married off at 14 to 16 years old. SAF CANADA will be taking on the responsibility of educating Hardeep and other children from this area. They will begin attending a private school with a much higher quality education.

Hardeep's father is a dwarf(small in height) but mother is a normal person with full height. Unfortunately, all the children of their family were born as their father- Dwarf. Everyday its a struggle to get things done for this young boy who is 10 years of age. His father isnt employed like rest of the other villagers as employees prefer others over him because of his short height and less strength. His favorite color is yellow and yellow daal is favorite dinner item. Hardeep lives in a one bedroom house that is made out of mud and clay. This one room house hosts 6 family members. There is no washroom or toilet for them, they have made a washroom out of 4 polls covered by a sheet on the sides with no ceiling. Water for drinking and household use has to fetched from a nearby borewell. No facility of a fridge or modern technologies were seen anywhere in this village except for a few handful. It should also be mentioned that SAF has taken responsibility of 70 children in our 1st phase from this village, with the support of many generous donors such as yourself, we shell be able to do more than just education for these folks.

If you sponsor Hardeep today, you will be supporting SAF CANADA’s efforts to address some of the root causes of poor education and poverty in India. Sponsor Hardeep today and ensure that his future and the future of his entire community is much brighter than their present circumstances.

Grade: 4th

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