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April 24 2008     Alwar, Rajasthan

Harbhajan Singh, 8 years old, lives with his mother as well as his younger sister and brother. Harbhajan’s mother was only 16 years old when she married Harbhajan’s father, who sadly passed away three years ago. His death has left Harbhajan’s mother without any sort of financial or emotional support. She does the best she can to provide for her three young children by working in a ceramics factory, but she only earns $2 CAD a day. This amount of money is barely enough to cover the basic necessities of life for a family of four.

Harbhajan’s family is currently living in a house shared by four other families, without electricity, heat, or running water. All three children attend school, but their mother is unable to continue paying their tuition fees. If you sponsor Harbhajan today, you can make sure he receives the education every child deserves and an opportunity to lift himself as well as members of his community out of poverty. Your generous donation today, could change the lives of Harbhajan’s family for generations to come.

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