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2 July 2001     Gurdaspur, Punjab

Gurpreet Singh lives with his mother and sisters in Gurdaspur. Sadly, his father passed away in 2008 in a road accident. Without his father’s support, Gurpreet’s family became homeless and were living with anyone willing to take them in. Seeing the family’s situation, the other villagers got together and built them a small house. The family has no source of income as Gurpreet’s mother suffers from arthritis, which makes it difficult for her to work. The local Gurdwara Sahib in their village is able to provide Gurpreet and his family with food so they do not have to go hungry, but they still cannot afford his mother’s medication or any other day to day expenses. Every single day is a struggle for this family.

If you sponsor Gurpreet today, you can ensure that he continues his education and can hope for a better future. Children living in poverty are capable of improving their own lives as well as the lives of their communities – they just need our support. Sponsor Gurpreet today and help end the cycle of poverty in India.

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