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25 July 2006     Ludhiana Area, Punjab

Gurmission Kaur lives with her mother and her brother in a small village located in the Ludhiana district of Punjab. She is a very good writer and likes to recite poetry at elocution competitions in school. Sadly, Gurmission’s father is no longer with them. In December 2013, while working as truck driver, his vehicle was stopped by a group of unidentified men. Gurmission’s father was then robbed and murdered. The police classified the incident as a road accident and did not investigate any further into the matter. After his death, Gurmission’s mother had no one to support or help them. She began working as a cook in a school where she earns about 1, 100 rupees each month. That is only $20 CAD. They have no other source of income. Gurmission’s mother had to send her older son to live with his uncle because she could no longer afford to provide for all three of her children. Even with just Gurmission and her younger brother left, her mother is having difficultly feeding all three of them. She can no longer afford to send them to school. She desperately needs our help.

If you sponsor Gurmission today, SAF CANADA can make sure she continues to go to school despite her mother’s financial situation. Your contribution will allow her to receive a proper education and keep the memory of her father alive. With a little help from you, children living in poverty can live happy and fulfilling lives. Sponsor Gurmission today and give her the hope of a better future.

Designation: Single Mother(Income less than $1/day | Grade: 4th

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