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May 24, 2003     Jammu

Gurleen Kaur lives in Jammu with her parents, brother, and older sister. Gurleen’s favourite food is noodles and she wants visit Switzerland one day. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor and help as many people as she can. Gurleen’s father is originally from Nepal, but he migrated to Jammu when he was young and embraced Sikhi. Ever since then, he has been doing seva at the local Gurdwara Sahib.Gurleen’s mother also works at the Gurdwara Sahib for which they are compensated with 8,000 rupees every month – that’s only $160 CAD. This is the family’s only source of income.  Gurleen’s family is currently living in house that was given to Gurleen’s father to use for a few by a family. They cannot live in this house forever and they do not have any other place to go. The local Sikh community managed to get together and buy a piece of land for the family, but Gurleen’s father cannot afford to have anything built on that piece of land. Gurleen’s sister was also forced to drop out of school because her parents could not afford her school fees.

Grade: 8th

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