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5 February 2006     Guru Nanak Colony, Alwar

Gurjit Singh is ten years old and lives with his mom, dad, and two younger siblings in a small, one room house in Rajasthan. Gurjit and his family are Sikligar Sikhs, a community with a rich history of polishing weapons and making swords for the Sikh Gurus in Punjab. Sikligar Sikhs are economically marginalized and many children are forced to quit school and work as labourers. Gurjits’s dad is a labourer already and he is barely able to provide for his three children. His dad only makes money if he is hired for that day. His mom also works, collecting glass scraps and selling them to factories, but she only manages to make three rupees a day. Gurjit’s parents are afraid they will no longer be able to send him to school and he will also be forced into child labour. By sponsoring Gurjit, you can stop the cycle of poverty and history of inequality Gurjit’s family is struggling against. You can ensure Gurjit continues to go to school and has an opportunity to succeed.

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