From Das to Singh- Journey of Dharminder Singh

(June 29, 2017) Dharminder Singh of the Ludhiana district was born in Bihaar to a Hindu family as Dharminder Das. In an attempt to lift themselves out of poverty, his family moved to Punjab in search for better employment opportunities, eventually, settling in the Ludhiana District. It was in Punjab, that Dharminder grew up and started his own family, marrying Rani Kaur in 2002. Despite working tirelessly, Dharminder faced difficulty finding consistent employment. Financially supporting his three young children and their education was becoming increasingly burdensome. Under constant stress, Dharminder’s health quickly deteriorated. He became more hopeless with each passing day and in attempt to cope, began drinking. Dharminder Das had hit rock bottom and was ready to give up. However, fate had other plans for Dharminder, and things took a drastic turn when he got hired at a local Mechanic Shop owned by Sikh man.

Dharminder was astonished by the simplicity of the man's life, who seemed to stay in high spirits regardless of any outwardly circumstance. Dharminder had always yearned for a happier life for his family but never knew where to look. Working with the shop owner he realized he had always been looking for it in the wrong places and that happiness lies only on the path of Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj. On Vaisakhi 2016 at Anandpur Sahib, Dharminder Das was blessed with the gift of amrit and became Dharminder Singh .

With Maharaj Jee’s Kirpa we met Dharminder Singh this year. Despite the fortunate turn in his life, he is struggling to make his monthly payments which consist of medical bills, rent and his children's education. He told us that times are so hard for him that keeping faith in Guru Sahib is becoming difficult. However Guru Sahib always takes care of their sons and daughters, today, we are proud to announce that SAF Canada will taking on all three of Dharminder Singhs Children, Rohit Singh, Rekha Kaur, and Deepak Singh.

Should you personally choose to sponsor Dharminder Singh’s children, SAF Canada can ensure that Dharminder Singh can focus on providing for his family while we sponsor their education. Your monthly contribution will cover the childrens tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for them or any member of their immediate family. Ridding the world of poverty is no small task, but through the generosity of people like you we can make it a possibility!