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08 December 2006     Ludhiana, Punjab

Deepak Singh lives with his family in the Ludhiana District of Punjab. He enjoys playing football in his free time and his favorite food is corn straight off the cob. Life isn't easy for him and his family, they live impoverished lives; barely scraping by.  His father, despite suffering from a chronic illness, works long hours as a mechanic for a local car repair shop earning only 8,000 rupees a month of which 5,000 rupees goes to monthly rent. The rest of Deepak’s father’s earnings are split between medical bills and paying for his children's education. Deepak Singh’s father is struggling to stay afloat but with each passing day providing for his family becomes more difficult for his father. With no disposable income, they are a hair's width away from ending up on the street.

Deepak Singh’s father may soon have to face the reality of deregistering his young children from school in order to afford basic necessities that keep his family alive. Many families in India are faced with this dilemma. This is why the cycle of poverty is bound to repeat itself. However, with your support, we can break this cycle. Should you choose to sponsor Deepak Singh, SAF Canada can ensure he stays in school. Your contributions will cover his tuition fees, school supplies, textbook costs, and medical expenses for her or any member of her immediate family. Every family deserves to see their children in school and happy, your support can make this happen. Ridding the world of poverty is no small task, fortunately, with the generosity of people like you, we can make it a possibility. Sponsor Deepak today and join SAF Canada in the fight against poverty.

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