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24 April 2008     Amritsar, Punjab

Bhawna is in grade 2 and lives in Amritsar with her family. Although Bhawna is very young, she has already experience great sadness and tragedy. Bhawna’s parents lost their other daughter a few years ago when she fell out of a window on the second floor. The incident destroyed their family and forever traumatized her mother. After the incident, Bhawna’s mother became mentally unstable and unable to care for the rest of her children. She is aware of her surroundings, but the trauma she suffered after the death of her daughter is severely debilitating. Bhawna’s father was left alone to care for his wife and their other children. He earns money by selling juice on a cart in front of the Golden Temple and is able to earn about 10, 000 rupees each month, but nearly half of that goes towards paying rent. They barely have enough left over to feed or clothe themselves.  With your sponsorship, Bhawna can continue going to school despite the difficulties faced by her family. Supporting the education of young girls in an important step in ending the cycle of poverty and empowering communities in India.  Please sponsor Bhawna today and give her the hope of a better future.

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