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09 November 2005     Mullanpur Area, Punjab

Balpreet Singh likes to play football and eat noodles with his friends. He lives with his parents and younger brother in Ludhiana. His father is a Granthi (Sikh Preacher) who moves around from village to village serving the Sikh Community in Punjab. Balpreet is proud of his father’s work, but unfortunately, their family leads a difficult life. As a Granthi, Balpreet’s father only makes 3, 500 rupees each month. The Gurdwaras where he works are able to provide them with a room to live and modest meals, but all of their other expenses rely on this meagre income. Balpreet’s sister goes to college and his father pays 21, 000 rupees each year just to cover her tuition fees. Balpreet’s father is having difficulty paying his son’s tuition fees and fears he will either have to pull him out of school or find a different job.

If you sponsor Balpreet today, SAF CANADA can make sure his father does not have to choose between serving his religion and educating his son. With a little help from you, children living in poverty can receive the opportunity they need to succeed in life. Sponsor Balpreet today and give him the hope of a better future.

Designation: Granthi Singhs Child |Grade: 5

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