Assist Teachers at a non-profit School for SAFCANADA


LOCATION: Rajasthan, Punjab, Assam, Maharashtra
ORGANIZATION: SAFCanada (Sikhi Awareness Foundation)
COSTS: Travel- You will provide your own Traveling tickets

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that allows you to help others while also travelling abroad? SAF is looking for volunteers to assist us in our efforts to relieve poverty on the ground in India.

SAF’s ability to help children, families, and individuals across India would not be possible without the support of our volunteers working in India to further the goals of poverty reduction and relief. If you are passionate about helping others, eliminating poverty, and international development, this is a great learning opportunity and chance to gain hands on, localized experience dealing with these broad issues.

What will you be doing?

Volunteers will be working in India for a duration of two weeks. The first week will involve assisting teachers in our Rajasthan School. Volunteers will be expected to be at the school from 7:30am to 1:30pm 6 days a week with Sundays off. Their tasks will include activities such as helping teachers, mentoring students, helping children with school work, and developing the children’s social skills.

For the second week, volunteers will work with SAF staff on different relief projects around India, such as delivering hot meals to the hungry, visiting families in need and figuring out the best way to assist them, installing water filters etc.


  • 2 - 4 weeks time commitment
  • Age: 18 – 40 years old
  • Grade 12 or equivalency
  • Medical Insurance
  • Willing to undergo a criminal record check
  • Ability to speak either English, Punjabi, Hindi, or Urdu
  • No major health issues or concerns

Transportation and Accommodation

SAF will be providing accommodation, transportation, and meals during the volunteers’ stay in India. As accommodation will be provided by SAF Staff, volunteers are expected to follow certain rules and regulations. Volunteers will be free to explore the local area after work so long as they inform the SAF Project Manager and adhere to the 8:00pm curfew. Volunteers will be responsible for their initial flight to India, visa (if they require one), health insurance, and any extra expenses.

WEBSITE: www.safcanada.orgFacebook
CONTACT: Amy Gill (Volunteer Coordinator), office@safcanada.org