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23 October 2003     Raikot Area, Punjab

Anmoljit Singh near Ludhiana with his mom and brother. Anmoljit likes to play Kabaddi and other sports. His father passed away in 2008 from a heart attack, leaving Anmoljit’s mother with absolutely no financial support. Although Anmoljit’s grandfather and uncle are well settled in Canada, they refuse to help Anmoljit’s family. After his father’s death, his grandfather split the house in India into two parts and gave Anmoljit’s family a single room to live in, locking up the other five rooms in the house, including the kitchen. They are forced to cook food outside without access to gas or electricity. The family’s only source of income comes from 2 acres of land that the rest of the village pressured Anmoljit’s grandfather into giving them.

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