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2008     Gurdaspur, Punjab

Amritpal Singh is 9 years old and lives in Gurdaspur with his father (Balwinder Singh). He is in grade 3 and likes reading books for fun. Amritpal’s mother (Harjit Kaur) left his father, and now he is raising Amritpal on his own. Amritpal’s father is a labourer and is having a difficult time providing for his young son. Labourers often perform back-breaking work for very little wages and Amritpal’s father earns about 5, 000 rupees every month – that’s less than 5 dollars a day! When Amritpal comes home from school, his father is still at work, so Amritpal waits for him to come back at his uncle’s house. Amritpal misses his mom and wishes his father could spend more time with him, but he knows that his father has to work very hard just so they can survive.

With the rising costs of monthly expenses and other financial burdens, Amritpal’s father is afraid he will no longer be able to afford his son’s tuition fees. Often times, young children must sacrifice their education due to the financial burden on their families and begin working from a young age, but educating young children like Amritpal is the key to ending poverty and uplifting poor communities across India. If you sponsor him today, we will be able to make sure that nothing robs Amritpal of the opportunity to learn or the hope of a better future.

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