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January 1, 2004     Hyderabad, Telangana

Ameer Khan lives in Hyderabad with his mother and siblings. Ameer likes to look at animals for fun and when he grows up, he wants to be a doctor. Ameer is an excellent student, who works very hard in school. Last year, his GPA was 81%! Unfortunately, Ameer’s father passed away in 2009 from a seizure that caused him to go into cardiac arrest. Ameer’s mother started working from home slicing areca nut after her husband’s death, but only earns 200 rupees each week – that is only $4 CAD. Ameer’s mother also does not receive any sort of financial support from the government. His older brother also works in an autobody shop and earns a little money that helps Ameer and his family survive. Ameer, his mother, and his four siblings all live in a single room. They are also forced to share a washroom with four other families. Ameer’s mother wants a better future for her son and her family, but she is beginning to feel helpless.

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