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June 02, 2006     Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh

This grade 2 boy Alan likes to eat oranges, playing his siblings when hes home. He wants to be in the Indian Army when he grows up. Unfortunately its tough to fulfill dreams when you are born in poverty, Alan's father works in the Gurdwara sahib as a plumber and earns less than $50 a month. To run the house his mother also took on job, she works as a cleanup person in 4 different houses and earns close $50 a month. This entire family lives in a single room that has been given to them by the Gurdwara sahib. Ravinder Singh, the father has been working for the Gurdwara Sahib for the past 9 years. SAF has been trying to help the poverty-stricken families all over India by giving them tools for a brighter future, together with your support, we are walking on our path to eradicating poverty !

Grade: 2

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